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Ceramic Coating in Guwahati / Graphene Coating in Guwahati- 9H/10H – Gtechniq (UK) / Onyx (Germany)

Unlock the power of ceramic coating in guwahati and graphene coating in guwahati with 7s Automotives. Our advanced technology forms a protective layer, making your vehicle shine and stay cleaner for longer. Experience a showroom finish that lasts.

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ONYX® Ceramic Coatings: Looking for premium paint protection in Guwahati? Look no further than ONYX® Ceramic Coatings, proudly made in Germany. As a trusted service provider, 7sautomotives offers a range of ONYX® Ceramic Coating services in Guwahati. These coatings provide exceptional durability and long-lasting protection for automotive surfaces. With options such as Quartz 9h (3-year warranty), Quartz Pro 9h (5-year warranty), Graphene Pro 10h (7-year warranty), and Graphene Pure 10h (9-year warranty), ONYX® Ceramic Coatings cater to various needs. Formulated with advanced technology, including graphene, these coatings offer superior resistance against scratches, chemicals, UV rays, and more. The high hardness rating of 9h or 10h ensures a tough barrier against environmental damages, safeguarding your vehicle's paint. Additionally, the hydrophobic properties of ONYX® Ceramic Coatings make maintenance effortless and keep your car looking glossy.
Benefits of Ceramic Coating Choose ONYX® Ceramic Coatings for the ultimate paint protection and peace of mind. Their German engineering expertise guarantees long-lasting results, preserving the beauty of your vehicle's paint for years to come. Experience the benefits of Ceramic Coatings, including high gloss levels, color preservation, and a water-repellent surface. By preventing color fading and maintaining the original vibrancy of the paint, these coatings provide a showroom-worthy shine.

7sautomotives offers professional Ceramic Coating services in Guwahati, ensuring superior results and customer satisfaction. With their affordable and high-quality Ceramic Coating solutions, your vehicle will enjoy enhanced durability and reduced need for frequent washing. Invest in Ceramic Coatings for long-lasting paint protection and a stunning appearance. For the best Graphene Coating services in Guwahati, turn to 7sautomotives. Our experts specialize in professional Graphene Coating applications, providing high-quality solutions for your car. With our affordable prices and superior results, you can enjoy the benefits of Graphene Coating, including enhanced durability and long-lasting protection. Trust our team to deliver superior Graphene Coating results in Guwahati. Contact us today to experience the difference!

Why 10H Graphene?

  • Higher gloss for dark-colored vehicles
  • Increased hydrophobicity
  • 10H hardness for superior protection against scratches and damage

Why go for ONYX® Germany?

  • World's First 10H Coating with N1 Level Smoothness.
  • World renowned Brand for Paint Protection Systems.
  • Formulation modified to suit Indian Climatic Condition and Pollution Levels.
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