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Paint Protection Film- PPF in Guwahati

Transform your vehicle with Paint Protection Film - PPF services in Guwahati by 7s Automotives. PPF safeguards your car's paint from scratches and keeps it looking flawless, giving your vehicle a fresh and pristine appearance.

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Introducing Knight Skin, a premium paint protection film (PPF) service available at 7sautomotives, the top PPF specialists in Guwahati. Our Knight Skin PPF is meticulously crafted in the USA using TPU Self Healing Grade 1 material, delivering unrivaled quality. With cutting-edge Instant Healing Technology, this PPF repairs minor scratches and swirls on its own, ensuring your vehicle stays flawless. Knight Skin PPF comes pre-coated with ceramic, providing an additional layer of protection and enhancing your vehicle's overall appearance. Its thickness of 190 microns offers robust defense against rock chips, UV rays, and other environmental damages, preserving your car's paint in Guwahati's conditions. We offer warranty options of 5, 7, or 10 years for Knight Skin PPF. These warranties cover Shine, Anti Bubbling, and Anti-Yellowing, ensuring that your vehicle maintains its pristine condition for years to come. Trust our PPF services in Guwahati to keep your beloved ride looking showroom new. At 7sautomotives, our skilled technicians can complete the installation of Knight Skin PPF in just 3 days. We prioritize efficiency and effectiveness, providing quick and reliable protection for your vehicle. Invest in the best PPF installation in Guwahati with Knight Skin, safeguarding your car's paint and maintaining its allure. Choose 7sautomotives for top-quality paint protection film services in Guwahati. With our expertise in car wrapping, we deliver unparalleled results. Trust the leading PPF providers in Guwahati to keep your vehicle protected and looking its best. Contact us today to experience the ultimate in paint protection.


  • Full Car Paint Correction, minor scratch removal and High Gloss Treatment.
  • Full Body PPF installation by Certified PPF Installer.
  • All Glasses and mirrors Ceramic Coating.
  • 1st Check Up and Wash free of cost after 7-10 Days.


  • Protection of paint from getting scratches
  • UV colour damage protection
  • Increased gloss levels
  • Increased resale value of vehicle.
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